Age Old Question

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Naw that’s not the question we’re looking at today. We’re going to be looking at various ways to generate income and some of these are not what you would expect.

So, here is a question for you, if you don’t have to pay retail for something have you made money or have you saved money? The answer is both and the easiest way to explain it is this, if you have $100 to purchase something retail and you were able to purchase it for $75 then you’ve saved or you’ve made $25 by negotiation and yes you’ve worked twice as hard for that $25 but this time it’s tax-free. OK so if that made sense to you explain it to me, just kidding. This is how you can make money if you can’t get a job, it’s not the only way but it is one way.

Other Ways

OK so we’re outside the box, we’re coloring outside the lines, it may be a little unconventional so what? Let’s get the job done no matter what it takes’.

If, you are taking care of your spouse there is not a lot of extra time so time management is a priority. Keeping my spouse on time with medicine, washing clothes, cooking, shopping eat into the day pretty quickly. Anything you can out source is a big help, in my case house keeping and someone to give her baths is a tremendous help. These are added expense but I gladly trade money for time and it is time that I can relax and spend it on my hobby.


There are a lot of different hobbies and the one you have can be turned into gold if you think about it. For instance, you may like to bake, if so while your baking some muffins for you and your love one you might be able to bake more to sale to the HOA meeting or the local PTA, a drama club near you or even the guys at the fire station the possibilities or endless.

Maybe you can’t bake but you do enjoy cooking. A good home cooked meal for busy families is a welcome sight, maybe someone in your neighborhood could come by and pick up a prepared meal (they have to eat some were). If, you’re working your way through school you could cook meals for a group of students that live together and existing on fast foods. You would be cooking at their place using their pots and pans and groceries they’ve bought and they do the clean up, sounds like a win win, oh and it’s tax-free.

What if your a handy man or gal, a few quick jobs around the neighborhood is very possible. Checking with the local hardware store for odd jobs could turn up a few of those. There are people looking for help on neighborhood apps all the time and if you have a truck you’re in business. Yard work, painting, haul offs, moving furniture and just plain moving.

I Can Do That

If, you possess a can do attitude then the moon is not even close to the limit. Think, what do I have that I can use to make money, a car maybe? Food delivery is a good possibility, taxi service, pick up and delivery groceries, prescriptions or even package deliveries and if you have a truck the possibilities are ever broader with delivering building supplies and bulky items from hardware stores. What about becoming a tutor? What do you know that you could teach others, are you proficient in math, maybe you could teach English as a second language, you could help aliens to prepare for citizenship, or prepare kids to drive

Do you like writing?

Because of my poor spelling, grammar and sentence structure I shied away from writing for many years,

I had put just enough effort into school to graduate knowing I would be working with my hands for livelihood, even though deep down I always thought it was amazing how someone could sit down and write a book or even an article. With apps that help with these issues, writing has become more of a reality for me. There is more opportunity for people who can write than you may think. Putting thoughts to paper or digital content is an art that some or born with and others have to keep practicing, like my self.

Helping students with reports, theme papers, blogs, news releases, helping restaurants write their menus, political campaigns, writing opportunities are everywhere, we just need to open our eyes and our minds.


Sitting, no wait, I can make money sitting? That’s right you can make money sitting. There is money to be made for mature people to house sit, baby sit, pet sit, respite care and some Realtors hire people to be on hand for open house or to host an open house. Approach every day with an open mind to making money, it’s not growing on tress or laying on the ground but it’s somewhere in between.

Real Estate ?

Here is something that you may already own or something to invest in. Using something you already own for example would be an extra room for rent or perhaps using your garage for temporary storage. Real Estate to purchase, might include a storage facility, flipping houses, rent houses or empty buildings.

An empty building is an interesting concept, it could be subdivided and rented for dance studio, martial arts’ dojo, meeting rooms storage, cross fit gyms or maybe even small businesses.

Tell me what you think, do any of these ideals sound interesting to you? If, you have some ideals you would like to share please do. I know some of these ideals takes money to implement but hopefully they will inspire you to make money if you can’t get a job.

I know that necessity can be very stressful and necessity has never made a good deal but Plato has been quoted as saying “necessity is the mother of invention.” Let necessity stir your imagination and motivate you to new things.

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