Do you like to cook

We all do a little cooking from time to time, but do you really like to cook? Most of us would rather not cook if possible and that is probably why the fast food industry is on every corner.

Cooking can be a real challenge for most of us but cooking with disabilities is another story all together. If you do like to cook, cooking can be fun and very satisfying. I believe anyone can cook but it takes someone with passion about cooking to become a chef.

Do you have a passion for cooking

Passion is defined as having a very strong and barely controllable emotion about something. Cooking can be defined as the art or craft of preparing food for consumption. Who knew cooking was thought of as arts and crafts.

So if you have a passion for cooking I would think your kitchen would be stocked with the tools of the trade like good quality cutlery, durable quality pots and pans, measuring cups and spoons just to name a few items that we used to cook with

Baking is different

We cook to survive, but we bake for indulgence. Who doesn’t enjoy cakes and cookies, or maybe donuts with our coffee? Like most people I enjoy bread, it’s considered a food breadgroup, right? If your passionate about baking then you’ll be working in the kitchen with measuring cups and spoons but using different tools such as mixing bowls, sifters, whisks, electric mixers special pans and timers.


When preparing to cook or bake I’m always referring to internet recipes or cook books for quantities and ingredients.There are more ways to cook or bake than you can imagine, Recipes are like opinions, everyone has one or two or three. Most recipes will cook books agree on temperature and cook/bake if you have an idea for your own concoction then checking other recipes will give you a reference point for temperature and cook times.

The more you read and research the better cook/baker you will become. Cooking shows are another good reference that can be used.keeping in mind when the host picks up a perfectly measured ingredient, your not seeing the person (you) doing the measuring or chopping and getting it ready. This adds to cook time.

Online cooking

There are online and local culinary schools that can train you in the direction you wish to follow. Check these schools carefully before signing up, starting with the BBB and move and talk with graduates to see if the school was helpful in their job Keep in cooking coursemind just because the school may charge more doesn’t mean they’re a better school. Always try to get value for your time and money.

There is value in internet blogs such as how to use seasonings and herbs and how to mix the two. Some people have a knack for using just the right seasoning in their cooking and others like me have to learn, I’m still learning by the way.

Cuisine or diet ?

You can learn to cook in general, or a certain cuisine or a diet in particular. Learning to cook foods in general is a great place to start, then, move on to your desired cuisine. There are cooks or chefs who prepare foods for particular diets.

I recently read of a barbecue chef who had gained a lot of weight and was struggling with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other chronic disease related to the western diet. He became a vegan and started preparing vegan foods. He lost a tremendous amount of weight and brought his blood pressure and cholesterol back to normal and now teaches nutrition, cooking online and to his community.

Whether cooking for yourself, or friends and family or if your cooking professionally learning to cook is very beneficial.

Cooking for people with allergies

In most cases the person with allergies is responsible for what they eat but if your cooking especially for them then you are responsible, in that case make sure you know cooking with disabilitieswhat they can and what they can’t.

Peanut allergies and coeliac or celiac disease are the most common. Peanut allergies have been well documented but coeliac or celiac disease or gluten intolerant is a little confusing.

A gluten free diet is for people who have an autoimmune disease and is intolerant to protein found in wheat, rye and barley. However, a gluten free diet is not for everyone, according to new studies those that go on a gluten free diet that aren’t gluten intolerant do not get enough whole grain causing cardiovascular problems.

As you can see

You can see there is more to becoming a cook, chef or baker than meets the eye. Depending on your goals there is some research, some study and passion involved. There obviously is more than just throwing a piece of meat in the pan and calling it cuisine.

You might read this and say to yourself this was not about cooking with disabilities, are was it ? I might ask, what do you think a disability is? When disability is mentioned, do you automatically think of a physical disability, mental disability, emotional disability? What do you think?

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  1. I think anyone who is passionate about cooking will surely start to build his own path. Whether if it’s going to be trying out and mixing recipes in your own kitchen, or finding online mentor to help you get started. I personally enjoy cooking and I do it as a hobby and because my future wife, probably, will not know be so fund of cooking.

    I could be wrong of course.

  2. You got my attention by the title:) I Love to cook but my health doesn’t allow me to rt now, but my children and husband cook. This is a great article. You can find information on the internet on how to prepare food or get recipes. Love the story of the barbecue chef and how he turned his life around by changing his diet. Thank you for sharing!

  3. While reading this I remembered that I’ve been wanting to order some measuring spoons from Amazon. Hopefully soon you’ll be able to link to some products that you recommend.

  4. I agree with the idea of using other sources as mere reference points. That is usually what I do when I cook. I don’t find recipes and follow them blindly, but rather use them as reference points and/or ideas for the types of spices that might be good to use for certain dishes, as well as times and temperatures for preparing my dishes! Thank you!

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