Physical disability

A physical disability is not the end of the world, there are plenty of opportunities available. If you can move, there are opportunities. That being said let’s look a few of them.

best jobs for disabled

If you are restricted to a wheelchair then the job market you looking for is using a phone, and a computer and with a great attitude the best jobs for disabled adults is not a dream but a reality.

Accounting jobs

Accounting jobs have prerequisites such as a degree or experience., or both. Some accounting positions only require accounting software knowledge. There are companies will hire people to train in an accounting position and reimburse them to go to school.

According to U S News and World report the median salary for an accountant is $69,350

Administrative assistant

Being indispensable and dependable is a prerequisite. Administrative support, may include a variety of things such as typing, filing, training others, managing office supplies, coordinating meetings, good communication skills and being organized is a must.

According to U S News and World Report an administrative assistants median salary is $35,590 as of 2017
Becoming an administrative assistant is great training for becoming an Executive Assistant. With more responsibility comes more pay, the median salary for an Executive Assistant is $57,410

Becoming an architect

As an architect you could work in a town planning office, home design, landscape, NASA, redesign or remodeling homes or commercial buildings the possibilities or endless.

Job requirements include Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) Internship or training program, may be required and state License.

While working in an office in a supportive role will not be the most high paying job it is an option. According to U S News and World Report the median salary for architects is $78,470.

Legal analyst

Legal analysts support lawyers or law firms with research documentation and evidence relating to the case assigned.

Most law firms require legal analysts to have a bachelor’s degree in law but it’s not necessary if you working for a company that does this type of work, they will set the requirements.

According to ERI Economic Research Institute the average salary is between $47,551 to $$81,747

Physicians assistant

PA’s basically take on the role of a doctor, they’re educated in preventive care management. They can diagnose illnesses and prescribe medicines. Making an appointment with a PA is quicker and easier than with a Doctor in most cases.

PAs are nationally certified and state licensed, having a bachelors degree in health care or science, and completed an accredited physical assistant program

According to U S News and World Report Physician Assistants median salary is $104,860

Paralegalbest jobs for disabled

Paralegals are not required to have formal train and in some cases they’re not even required to have a certificate however as fast as this career field is expanding so are the requirements. A certificate insures the intentional employers of you dedication in this career field therefor it is strongly suggested.

You can earn a certificate in eight to ten months in a classroom setting or online with a cost of $3000 to $10000.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics the median salary for a paralegal is $46,990

If you not restricted

If you not restricted to a wheelchair and you want to be outside there are numerous jobs available as well. What are you passionate about? What are you comfortable with? Do you enjoy being around other people?

Let’s take a look at some of these jobs and maybe we can peak you interest.

Customer support

No, this is not a desk job, this is a story I’ve witnessed at a local big box hardware store.

This young man had a physical disability and he was often off work because of it, but he never let it slow him down. If he could be at work he was there helping customers load their cars or trucks, He always had a smile on his face and he would always go the extra mile to make sure the customer was satisfied.

Because of his smile and hard work customers always look for him while making a trip to the store. His coworkers loved him and customers admired his attitude and because of this, his tips were very good. He was a great representative of the store.

I have no idea of his salary but because of attitude I believed he loved what he was doing.

Appliance repair

Appliance technicians are in demand because these jobs will not be sent overseas.

The best way to start this career is with a trade school basic electricity, reading schematics, learning about control boards and theory of operation on each appliance.

You will be working on washers, dryers,refrigerators, microwaves, garbage disposals and dish washers. Some companies hire technicians to work specifically on refrigerators or maybe washer and dryers but if you can work on them all and have a mind to, you could start you on business.

Average salary is $17.00 to $25.00 an hour and that’s not bad if the company is supplying truck, gas and insurance.

I knew of a disabled technical that worked in this field and he was consistently in the top five every month in production and sales(extended warranties and sale items)


Electrician is another great career choice in fact in the state of Texas electrician jobs are projected to grow by a little over 27% in the 10 years leading up to 2024. There is no shortcut to becoming an electrician, there are apprenticeship programs and trade schools to be considered.

To become a license electrician you will need 4 years experience (8000 hours) as a journeyman or 2 years of experience (4000 hours) for a residential wireman.

There is an option of being trained by union or nonunion trade schools overseen by master electricians.

According to Journeyman electricians average salary is $27.80 an hour and a residential wireman electricians average salary is $19.88 an hour starting out


So, depending on what your interested in there are jobs available. This is not an inclusive list by any means, so don’t talk yourself out of you dreams and definitely don’t let anyone discourage you. You can do this. Remember it’s up to you to feed yourself pay you bills and live you dreams and don’t forget to pay your taxes.

My dad used to say its work to find a job!

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  1. Thank you for the encouraging viewpoints on someone with disabilities seeking opportunities to be productive in society! Being a productive person does wonders for personal morale and confidence!

  2. It is quite refreshing to see such an amazing compass that you have put together that points in the direction of the possibilities available for people who are disabled. Thank you for the information that you have provided as it is very informative and a good “go to” source for those who feel a sense of helplessness due to their disability.

  3. Very impressive my boy. That must have taken quite awhile to put together. Another suggestion is that you, and anyone with a disability, offer to develop a web page for those of us who have no idea how to do it. This is good work and people will pay for it. Just need to figure out how to get paid for the work you do. All the best to you.

  4. Thanks for your article. Job-seekers and employees with disabilities may also find value in learning their rights – such as Reasonable Accommodation – as not all employers are aware and compliant with the ADA.

    • You are so right and notice it more and more, it seems that businesses do just enough to get by, especially in older buildings. Businesses do a much better job in newer building but there is still a lot more that they can. Thank you so much for reading these post!!

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