What can we do ?

There are things we can do to the bathroom to make it more safe and convenient for a disabled person, so let’s look at everything we can possible do to help them.

Let’s start at the door of the bathroom, obviously if they can not get through the door, bathroom modifications for the disabled stops here. A lot of bathroom doors are what’s called a (2-0) or a two-foot wide door, to small for a wheelchair in most cases. Other doors in a home or (2-8)or two-foot eight inch door

Some suggestions for the door problem. Widening the opening and make a case opening(no door) just a wider opening that’s trimmed, another option would be to widen the opening and use a barn door which is easier and less expensive than installing a sliding door(a door that slides back into the wall) and lastly open it up for (2-8) door ADA suggests 32″ opening for wheelchair access.

What’s next ?

Checking the floor would be something on the list, making sure flooring is slip resistant. There are products on the market that can be used to coat most anything, tile, wood, marble, granite and giving it quality we’re looking for.

All this sounds like a bathroom make over however these are just things to take into consideration, things you may or may not want or need to do.

Now let’s look at wall coverings, paint is easiest and the least expensive but wall paper is a little more decorative. There is argument that wall paper is outdated but I think it depends on the paper chosen and the area to be covered. bathroom-modification

Whether painting or papering, choose a light color to help your lighting to brighten up the room The bathroom is usually the first place visited every morning so make it bright and welcoming. A dimly lite room is not the way you want to start your day so going with brighter bulbs LED preferred will help or maybe even changing out the light fixtures. Speaking of lighting there are switch conversions to lower the switch for wheelchair disabled individuals.

Bathroom convenience

This article is with the wheelchair disabled in mind so if you have additional tips comments, or suggestion feel free to contact me and share them.

Ok, so we have covered the entry, the floor, walls and lighting, let’s move on to the toilet. There are several products on the market that will help us out in this area. First and foremost let’s make it safe, install grab bars by the toilet and they like everything else range from sensible to rediculous in price and design. Grab bars are available at most hardware stores or online. Placement of the bars are ultimately up to you the installer but directions are usually included in the package.

Toilets are a big concern Raised toilet seats to elevated toilets there are a lot of options and it depends on your economic situation. Toilet base space risers are made to be installed between the floor and the toilet, raises toilet 3.5 inches and is more hygienic than the ones that attached to the top of the base. Priced less than a hundred dollars but by the time you spend another sixty- five dollars for it to be painted with no guarantee of a perfect match and paying for installation, well you might want to think about a taller toilet priced from $125-$300 plus installation.

Toilet seat risers that attached to the toilet bowl are priced from $20-$60 and are in most hardware stores. They’re not the most hygienic but they’re a good option.

Bath tub or shower?

Depending on how mobile your loved one is will determine which one of these is best for your use. Using the standard tub for bathing is easy entry, but the exiting is the hard part. Here again there are products on the market to help us to overcome the problem. Grab bars agin maybe the answer that will help.

The walk in tub priced as low as $1500.00 and up depending on the accessories, should be considered here A jetted whirlpool tub sounds relaxing to me and I’m sure it would be for your love one. Let’s talk a little about a shower.

Stand alone showers usually have a step over barrier, about four inches high not a big step for a showerstepper but for some they might as well be running hurdles. Our old friends the grab bars to the rescue again! Once in the shower there are shower seats and caddies for soap, shampoo, scrub bruses and what ever else that is needed. There is also an anti-scarding device that can be attached to the shower head priced around $50.00 that can be installed.Stand alone showers can be convereted to wheelchair roll in showers you should contract three reputable contractors for this option,

Sink and mirrow

Wheelchair accessable sinks are a great addition to a bathroom and there are a lot of different designs for wheelchair access sinks. When designing, rebuilding or replacing a sink/vanty also consider lowering or replacing the mirror and towl rack. On average a bathroom remodle is around $18000 and I think this is high. If your a handiman or lady this would be a whole lot less. I think the average remodel is all high end products so check pricings, do what you can do and out source the rest.

After all

After all is said and done you will not only have a beautiful bathroom but a functional bathroom. The thoughts and suggestions are just that thoughts and suggestions. This article is intended to help you look at you bathroom in a way that will be functional for you and your love one On any project you undertake your best friend is research, research and more research. Knowledge is power so become powerfull, know what you want the price you want to pay and the design that works for you. Stay on course and stay on budget.

If you have comments, suggestions, tips please contact me at chuck@extendyourtents.com


    • Thank you, your visit is always welcome and I look forward in sharing more as time goes along. In some instances a small modification makes all the difference in the world.

  1. I live in Tucson, a city that caters to retirees, and have noticed when looking for rentals that more of them are offering showers instead of bathtubs. I’m currently building a home to retire in and I’m thinking of going with a walk-in shower myself. Thanks for your suggestions.

    • I highly recommend when building a home always give consideration of building for retirement or for resale to someone else that’s going to retire. It is cost effective to make the changes is the beginning.

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