Who are baby boomers ?

After World War ll (1939-1945) returning military personnel starting families became known as the silent generation

A population explosion happened in the years (1946-1964) in developing countries around the world. Nearly 77 million babies where born here in the United States alone, roughly 40% of our population. Baby boomers have impacted healthcare starting the day they where born. Baby boomers are retiring on average 10,000 a day according to Investopedia.

Disabilities Does not Discriminate

Baby boomers, because of their age, are more likely to experience disabilities due to falls or chronic diseases. Out of 56 million people in this country with disabilities, ages 65 and up are the majority. That’s about 74% of this demographic. While the baby boomers have led the way in so many areas this is not one to be proud of.

Baby boomers have made many amazing contributions to science, math, economics, technology, communication and medicine and yet they stumble over cause and treatment of chronic disease like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cholesterol and high blood pressure.What causes chronic disease ? To be perfectly honest your diet is the culprit ! The western diet with meats, dairy and eggs causes weight gain and an onslaught of problems. Between chronic disease and broken bones from falls, healthcare continues to rise.

While the Pharmaceutical Industry, (in my opinion drives healthcare cost by lobbying congress and influencing legislation for FDA approval), produces medications that have more side effects than cures, causing more harm than good.

The dairy Industry also has clouded our view of health by telling us the only way to get more calcium is to drink more milk and eat more cheese when in reality the opposite is true. Remember their commercial “Milk does the body good”.

According to Dr. John McDougall heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and arthritis are just a few common illness acquired from drinking milk of other species. So where do we get more calcium? Plants have all the minerals needed by the body, calcium, protein, magnesium, potassium to name a few.

Going to a plant based diet would help us lose weight, reverse chronic diseases and strengthening our bones would help us from becoming disabled.

Eating Plants, Really ?

YES, really !

I recently read about a man in Australia named Andrew Taylor who weighed 334 pounds when he decided to eat nothing but potatoes for a year, he lost over 115 pounds and he became healthier by lowering cholesterol,blood sugar and blood pressure. While impressive I don’t think I could eat just potatoes for a week much less a year and I do love potatoes.

If, you have an interesting story like this, please share it with us below in the comment section.

Looking at different cultures around the world, reveals that people eating mainly starchy vegetables live longer with less health problems than people that eat meat, dairy, and eggs. I’m for longer life with fewer problems, how about you?

The China Study (a 20 year study) by Dr Colin Campbell was published in 2005 and sold over a million copies by 2013. In the study of China’s diets and effects Dr Campbell points out longer life and less health issues in rural China, eating very little meat and more rice and vegetables. In the more populated areas of China, that where expose to the western diet with more meat and very little vegetables, shorter life spans and more health problems were noticed.

Rural Mexico diets consist of beans and corn, in Africa its sweet potatoes, beans and plantains, Europe its wheat, barley and oats and in Russia wheat and potatoes. So, as you can see people can not only survive but live longer without medical issues caused by the wrong choice of food.

Countries eating the western diets are the ones experiencing the most disease, have the shortest life span and the highest healthcare. It’s not where you live, its what you eat.

Proof Is In The Pudding

Just kidding about the pudding,

After surgery for bilateral femur fracture my wife when to skilled nursing and was weighed, and processed into the facility, Two months later she came home and we continued to work our way through this ordeal. In home PT/OT where scheduled for ten months at which time we where admitted back into the facility for two weeks in the hope that advanced PT/OT would speed up her return to a normal life. Upon weighing her, we found that the vegan diet we had adopted did its job, she had lost 88 lbs while laying flat of her back with very little strenuous movement. Yahoo, how exciting!


While it seems that I have strayed from topic, Baby Boomers impact health care, it is my opinion that I have tried to enlighten America on not only curbing healthcare cost but to keep us as individuals from becoming disabled. It’s been said many times and many ways if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything and for the most part that is true but like I’ve said before, attitude is everything.


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  1. Wow! She lost 88 pounds? Good for her!

    When Chris started the McDougall Program he lost weight too, and many of his health challenges disappeared. Over the years he had researched and tried many different ways of eating, but he says he’s never felt better than when eating a high-starch, low-fat, whole foods, vegan diet!

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